3rd Stage
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Reducing Bleeding in a Natural Third Stage

Third stage of labour is largely under the control of natural hormones which contract the uterus, especially oxytocin. There are several things you can do to ensure that you are producing oxytocin.

  • Make sure that you will remain undisturbed and adopt whatever position you would like. Being calm and relaxed will promote the production of oxytocin.
  • Hold your baby close to you, skin to skin. Being close to your baby, watching your baby's little movements and sounds, getting to know your baby will all cause your system to be flooded with oxytocin.
  • Cuddle your baby's body so that the head rests close to one of your breasts and let your baby search for and find the nipple. When he is ready, he will latch himself on and in doing so, will help to increase your oxytocin levels further.

All these actions will help your uterus to contract and the placenta to detach.

After a short time, up to half an hour or occasionally up to an hour, you may feel the placenta descend and it can be passed out gently.

Your midwife or birth attendant will check it to make sure that it is complete with all the membranes attached.